• PIMM Wix Team

What to Eat (and avoid) With Braces

One of the most frequent questions our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. is asked by new patients is “What can I eat when I get my braces?” We certainly understand these concerns, given how much pleasure we get from enjoying our favorite foods! And, rest assured, taking the proper precautions and following some simple guidelines will give you plenty of options at mealtime.

Keep in mind that the first week or so after receiving your new braces will be a period of adjustment. There’s very likely to be some sensitivity as you and your mouth become accustomed to these newcomers. We suggest sticking to a menu of soft foods until you’re comfortable with your braces, such as pasta, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, soups, soft cheeses, mashed potatoes, bananas, yogurt, seafood and soft veggies. Cooked grains and soft-crusted breads are OK, too. The easier you can make it to chew your food, the better. That sensitivity should improve quickly.

Once you’ve passed that initial period of adjustment, you can introduce choices such as poultry and thinner cuts of meat, but keep in mind that it is always advisable to cut them up into smaller, bite-size pieces. The same goes for fruits and vegetables. Pay attention to your eating habits — keep your mouthfuls small and chew slowly.

Now, there are some foods that you’ll need to steer clear of during treatment, even if they’ve been among your favorites. Popcorn, bagels, nuts, chewing gum, hard candy, pizza crust, crackers, pretzels, and chips are going to have to be avoided for now. Sugary foods create a coating of decay-causing plaque to build up on your teeth that will be harder to clean with braces, so be forewarned!

Achieving a healthy, beautiful smile requires some planning and a bit of sacrifice during treatment, but our orthodontist at Ortho Inc can assure you that it will be well worth it when you see the results! Please contact us to arrange an appointment.