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When it comes to your teeth, don’t make these four mistakes

Orthodontics has been steadily growing in popularity across the U.S. Some nine million people are expected to receive treatment this year, a number expected to rise annually, according to experts. And it’s no wonder. The state-of-the-art advances in the field, like those offered by the orthodontist at Ortho Inc., have made treatment more effective, efficient and comfortable than ever.

Still there are a number of mistaken notions about orthodontics that persist, and we are more than happy to correct them today! Oral health is your gateway to overall health and wellness, so let’s start setting the record straight!

Mistake No. 1: Problems with crooked teeth, uneven bite and misaligned jaw can resolve by themselves. Truth is, that’s simply not the case, and these issues are very likely to worsen over time. Addressing them early is less time consuming and less expensive in the long run.

Mistake No. 2: Orthodontic treatment is only about cosmetics. False! Of course, attaining a radiant smile has many benefits, both in terms of your self-esteem and the way the outside world perceives you. But that’s just the beginning! Straight, properly aligned teeth are more comfortable when eating and talking and are easier to clean. Misalignment problems can lead to cracked teeth, jaw pain, headaches, even earaches and facial pain.

Mistake No. 3: I’m too old for orthodontic treatment. Well, actually the opposite is true! More adults than ever are experiencing the health and cosmetic benefits of straight teeth! More than 25 percent of new patients are 18 and older.

Mistake No. 4: I can get orthodontics over the Internet. Don’t bet on it! There are no substitutes for being thoroughly examined and fitted for an invisible aligner, and for the followup visits necessary to monitor progress.

Don’t make these common mistakes! Our specialist at Ortho Inc. provides expert, attentive care for patients of all ages. Please contact us today for an appointment!

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