Why Orthodontists Enjoy Working with Adult Patients

Although orthodontic treatment seems like it’s meant for kids and teenagers, adults can align their smiles as well. In fact, more and more adults are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment each day. Little did you know, your orthodontist, Dr. Joseph A. Wilson, enjoys working with adults very much, so don’t be afraid to consider treatment.

The first reason why your orthodontist enjoys working with adults is because they follow instructions. When we ask them not to eat chewy, sticky, and hard foods, they don’t. When we ask them to take good care of their braces and smiles, they do. When we ask them to regularly attend their checkups, they do. Adults don’t take risks and they do whatever they can to achieve the results they desire.

The second reason is because adults have better oral hygiene than adolescents. This is often because they focus and make sure every tooth, nook, and cranny in their mouth are taken care of. This can be a tough task, especially because braces tend to get in the way. Because adolescents have such busy minds, they tend to get bored and even frustrated sometimes, which leads to them giving up on cleaning their smiles.

The third reason is because adults are more motivated. Typically, adults choose to align their smiles for themselves while adolescents align their smiles because their parents and dentist tell them to. This motivates adults to work hard toward the smile of their dreams while kids and teens typically just go through the motions of treatment.

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