Why Orthodontists Like Working with Adult Patients

As you may have already guessed, orthodontists oftentimes visit with kids and teens, working toward healthy and aligned smiles. However, they work with adults as well. In fact, they love working with adults. Dr. Joseph Wilson enjoys helping adults achieve their perfect smiles because of many reasons.

The first reason is because adults follow instructions. When our orthodontic team recommends taking good care of your teeth and braces as well as avoiding chewy and sticky foods, adults do exactly those things instead of testing the limits and seeing how much they can do without causing too much damage. Adults want the best results possible, so they do everything they can to help produce those results.

The second reason is because adults generally have better oral hygiene than adolescents. This is oftentimes because adults work very hard to clean the small crevices, nooks, and crannies of the mouth even though braces make it difficult. Kids usually try to clean their mouth, but when things get tough, they put the toothbrush and floss down and move to a different activity, resulting in poor oral hygiene.

The third reason is because adults are more motivated. When adults choose to align their smiles, they choose for themselves. When kids and teens start orthodontic treatment, it’s because their parents and dentist tell them to. This results in just going through the motions rather than being motivated to help the orthodontist adjust the smile.

As you can see, your orthodontist loves working with adults. So, if you’re interested in starting your orthodontic journey in Yuma, Arizona, please contact Yuma Orthodontics, Inc. at 928-343-9559 and schedule an appointment. Our orthodontic team looks forward to hearing from and helping you!

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