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Your Diet Can Help Make Your Smile Brighter And Last Longer

That old saying, “You are what you eat,” has proven over time to be quite true! We depend on our diets to supply the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we need to perform at optimum levels physically and mentally. Our friendly orthodontist at Ortho Inc. wants our patients to know that the same advice goes for our teeth. Those pearly whites need to be fortified, as well as protected against decay — both of which can be greatly enhanced by what we eat (or avoid).

At our orthodontic practice, we want our patients to be active participants in achieving the healthy, radiant smile they’ve dreamed of. At our state-of-the-art office, we have the techniques, technology and treatments to provide optimal results, often more quickly and comfortably than ever, for both children and adults. Being informed about the role diet plays in how our teeth look and function is a part of our holistic approach to our practice.

Calcium is a mineral that’s a key component in strengthening that hard outer shell of the tooth known as the enamel, which protects against erosion and decay. To make sure you’re getting the recommended 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams of calcium a day, add dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt to your diet. If you’d prefer to avoid dairy products, you can meet your daily calcium requirements by adding oranges and orange juice, leafy green vegetables, beans, canned fish, almonds, tofu and other soy products to your diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, besides containing necessary nutrients, also help keep our teeth clean by helping to wash away plaque. Crunchy ones like apples, carrots and celery are particularly good at this, but be sure to cut them up into small, bite-size pieces so that they’re easy to chew and won’t damage your braces.

Now that our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. has given you something to chew on, why not contact our office today to arrange a consultation?


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